Tuesday, October 23, 2012

recycled, recycled tee shirt skirt

photo(8)I am finally going to make my first tutorial on how simple & easy it is to make this. Start off by picking your favorite colors ~ I used purple, black, tan, brown, white, orange, red, blue, green, rust, and grey. After you choose your colors the next step is to cut small, squares (which are much quicker) or you can make small circles. I used a rotary cutter but don’t go out & buy one if you don’t have it.  Put all your small cut up squares in a bowl so they don’t get blown away.  Easy so far, right?
photo(9)The next step is to gather a pair of pliers, sewing needle, a clamp to attach to the end of the wire so all your beautiful squares will not come off, 2 crimp beads, beads if desired & clamp; last but not least you need jewelry wire which can be purchased at bead store or any craft store.photo(12)
photo(10) Get a glass of your favorite wine & start.  First  thread your beading wire with your needle.  Sip.  Start threading smaller squares first & put on a few at a time unless you want to drink the entire bottle of wine before you finish.  Now the pliers photo(13)come into play.  photo(11)  Take a sip of wine & now hold your needle in the teeth of your pliers.  Push down on the squares.  Add more squares, sip again.  Now I’m not promoting drinking but this is not rocket science ~ have fun.  This will be the softest & lightest necklace you will have EVER worn.  When it gets to your desired length put crimp bead on, add desired bead, thread the toggle clamp, now put the wire back  thru crimp bead & clamp. 
Voila!  It is done!  My friend Laura & I spent the afternoon making 1, we then took  a picture of hers finished.  She wore it that evening for her Soupfest Party.  Lovely.photo(14)If you use this tutorial, please take a picture of the necklace, send it to me, follow my blog.   I promise to put more tutorials up.  Common courtesy says you won’t sell these on Etsy.  I would love to hear comments and suggestions.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I am in the need for major help with this blog!


peace marley skirt  The only way I can figure out how to add a picture or a post, I have to add a picture thru my own library.  I can’t figure it out & it is late at night so maybe I might get it if it were a bit earlier?  Maybe not.  Not exactly a rocket scientist!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

new design

I was able to save all my previous posts & apply to new design, I guess I will have to tweek it after I try posting pictures & more!  Making new skirts, scarves for some fall shows, working, serving on Indiana Dunes Great Banquet, occasionally getting a run in, my life is full!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ok here goes & I hope I do not lose all my info.  I am going to try & update this blog, hoping it will be easier to navigate, easier for me to post, more people to view & just because I want to learn how!  I have spent some time not a ton but I don't want to lose all the blog posts I have made.  I'm thinking if I can do this, why can't I create a website with all the great help & info available.  Good be because I just don't understand!  So here goes!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

recycled nuno felted silk scarf

I was able to cut apart a square silk scarf which I purchased at a resale shop & since it was not long enough I had some left over silk scarf that I added plus Merino Wool to create this beautiful piece of art for your neck.  It is for sale at Chartreuse Art Gallery in ST Joseph, MI