Thursday, April 21, 2011

Circa Arts Gallery

I am going to be the featured artist of the month in May 2012 for Circa Arts Gallery in South Bend, Indiana.  They will have an opening for my art work & it will be advertised for their First Friday Art Hop.  Need to tell my friends not to plan anything that night!

freeform scarf 014

freeform scarf 014 by marilyn6od
freeform scarf 014, a photo by marilyn6od on Flickr.

Only freeform scarf that I have left & it is sold.

art work 153

art work 153 by marilyn6od
art work 153, a photo by marilyn6od on Flickr.

This flower was donated to St Margarets House for Compassion is a Work of Art on May 6th. It is a fund raiser for for St Margarets House. It was made for women who have never received a flower & it will never die!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my little boys:)

Hard to believe they are 28 & 26!  My life is going way to fast - slow down - slow down - slow down!  Lucky me to have been blessed with 2 handsome boys or should I say men?  They make fun of me just about everytime they can or is it everyday?  I am proud to be their mama.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

thanks Brett.

Luckily my son comes to town & helps me to change the size of my photos so I can enter into the MAC @ the Box Factory, I hope I get in, I hope I get in, I hope I get in - or should I say I hope I win in the fiber division!  So here is the photo I submitted... 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

old work new photos

 The art of taking pictures!  So much to learn & so little time!  These are 2 felted pieces that I took with Andrea Graham's class.  She is an amazing felting artist in Canada!  I met another amazing needle felting artist who I have kept in contact with - Laura Burke!  I would love to take classes with her again & some day we will!  But for now, I am entering this piece in at Circa Arts in South Bend.  I checked out the store & it has some really cool art work there, I hope I get in!  I will find out next  week sometime.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

thought I had more time...

thought i had until 4/18 to frame & photo my entry into the MAC! today i get an email that states it has to be in by the 14th - dang. plus i have to work on monday. took some pics & will need to resize them & hopefully it will be ok to use! want to research how to make a website in my spare time. time to make the coffee

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

how long does it take

So I have FINALLY figured out how to add a slide show on my blog - let's see it took me how many hours? I did not know what a feed was or how it worked but after reading several help articles, I figured it out! Way to go Marilyn

marilyn6od's photostream

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more photos...

trying to finish a felted landscape to enter into the MAC - oh but how to frame it? decisions, decisions, decisions. Could not sleep past 4 am so up entering e-wards into the computer, facebook entry, twitter entry, blog entry time to get to work. Checked out a friends blog & we both participated in peace felt 2010 & plan on entering 2011. sure takes long to download photos on the blog. Moving on with the day:)