Sunday, May 2, 2010

Went to the Harbor Country Art Attack with friends from Ogden Dunes & we had a great time! Such a good time that we were laughing so hard the people next to us moved away. Their loss! The husbands came with us, the husbands came with us , the husbands came with us!


  1. Hey momma,
    your son here. Glad to see your having fun and the husbands came with. Lucky you that you get to hang with Alberto, wish i could say the same. Some of your objects (i think that is what their called) look pretty good** and i think i told you that i am seeing more and more of stuff that you have been making for years on the chica's out here in denver. Must be setting trends and it takes a couple months to make it west. Keep up the good work.

    Mr. A

  2. I tell you what Mr Brett - You & William use to laugh endlessly about my "pieces". Who is laughing now?